What is Easy English?

What is Easy English?

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Writing for people who do not have functional literacy.

Easy English is:-

  1. Writing in everyday words
  2. Using simple sentence structure
  3. Supporting the messages with meaningful and clear images
  4. Having functional consumer reviews of products and company information
  5. Being clear about marketing versus information messages.

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Are your customers or clients able
to follow your information?

Does your customer or client

  • know when repayments need to happen?
  • understand the fees to be charged and why?
  • know how to avoid extra charges?
  • understand what they are purchasing?
  • know when returns can occur, and under what circumstances?
  • know how to give feedback or make a complaint?
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Did you know….?

It is harder to read and understand information:

  • about how to set up a new product. Think about the last time you had to build something from a “Flat pack.”
  • related to medical information. Think about reading about warning signs of a medical condition.
  • that includes numerical information. Like the words many, some, lots, times 2, take 4, in 2 weeks.