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   Easy English Project Development 

  • We can interpret any document into Easy English
  • You draft the text. We can add the images for you
  • Specialised consumer reviews 
  • Consultation for organisational change


Recently Completed Projects

WA Parliament

Problems with food.

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   44% of Australian adults                         (15-65 years old) do not have the           literacy skills to read a range of             day to day reading tasks.

  This equates to 7.3 million adult            Australians in 2013.  

 ABS Data 2013 #4228

 OECD PIAAC Data 2013, 2016

Journal Articles


Basterfield, C. February 2019

Everyday words. What does it mean for Accessible Written Documents

 2021 E-Plain journal

COVID-19 information for people with lower literacy

   Recent Conference Presentation


 More Evidence           of difference.

 Easy English –       Easy Read Poster

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Access Easy English interprets written content into simple everyday language and is supported with images. Consumer engagement is an essential component of the work we do. 

It means more people can

  • read
  • understand
  • actively use your written information. 


Training opportunities:

Learn Easy English

  • Take part in the only 2 day training on Easy English
  • Learn: Who Easy English is useful for & Why you need to be developing Easy English, the latest research, the differences between Easy English and Easy Read.
  • Learn: The clear & repeatable steps to develop quality Easy English materials.


Generic Flyer for 2 day Easy English trainingUpcoming dates                   2 day

Learn Easy English training



    Monday 8 August & Wednesday 10 August, 2022

    For more Info – Flyer – Link to Tickets –  Humanitix

    Wednesday 14 September & Friday 16 September, 2022

    For more Info – Flyer – Link to Tickets –  Humanitix

    Tuesday 18 October & Thursday 20 October, 2022

    For more Info – Flyer – Link to Tickets –  Humanitix

    Monday 28 November & Wednesday 30 November, 2022

    For more Info – Flyer – Link to Tickets –  Humanitix

    We also offer private sessions for organisations

Victorian Chamber of commerce and industry COVIDDASF Community Award Panel of finalists.


We were a Finalist for

The Community Award for the Victorian CovidSafe Awards 2022.


The judges thought

Access Easy English’s application was fantastic by translating government material into understandable material quickly for those with low literacy, providing an important service in a time of crisis.

About the winners and finalists

The Drum ABC – February 18 2020

Discussion about people with low literacy. 

With Julia Baird, Sam Conner and Christine Ryan

Speech PAtholgoy panel. Says Translating documents into Easy English. A conversation with Access Easy English's Cathy BasterfieldPodcast 

In 2021, Cathy was invited  on to the Speak Up:  Speech Pathology Australia Podcast.

She discusses how speech pathologists can use Easy English with host Anneke Flinn. 

Available at:  Apple Podcasts, Spotify 


    Conferences we are attending 

     Disaster & Emergency Management Conference 

     25 & 26 July 2022, Gold Coast Queensland

     AFAC22 Conference & Exhibition 

     23 – 26 August 2022, Adelaide South Australia 

     AGOSCI Conference 2022

     3 – 6 September 2022, Hobart Tasmania 

Some of Our Work

NSW Ombudsman 2021

Plain Language

in 50 languages

Special Olympics Asia Pacific

6 Fact Sheets for iPhone or iPad only

translated into 10 languages

Get Vaccinated

How To Use A Mask

How to Wash Your Hands

Keep Clean and Safe

Look after yourself

What is COVID19

Information about Genes

Who we’ve worked with

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