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Access Easy English interprets documents into simple everyday language, supported with images.

It means more people can

  • read
  • understand
  • actively use your written information.

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44% of Australian adults                     (15-65 years old) do not have the literacy skills to read a range of            day to day reading tasks.

This equates to 7.3 million adult Australians in 2013.  

(Report No. 4228.0). 2013  www.abs.gov.au.


Easy English COVID – 19 Resources
Made by Access Easy English

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More then 110  COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources



Current Resources

Some current publications from Access Easy English

Federal Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications

Reform of the Accessibility Standards for Public Transport for 2021


Public transport for people with disability. Ideas for Change





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Link to Department Website







This website is for parents who are dealing with child protection services.
It has been made by and for parents who have learning disabilities.
It is easy to read and use.

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Special Olympics Australia

Risk Waiver


Training Opportunities

2 day Easy English training
Monday 1 March, 2021 and Wednesday 3 March 2021.
Flyer – 1 Spot Remaining

Book at Humanitix with Credit card.

or email a request for an invoice.

Tuesday 13 April and Thursday 15 April 2021.


Book at Humanitix with Credit card.

or email a request for an invoice.


Tuesday 4 May and Thursday 6 May 2021.


Book at Humanitix with Credit card.

or email a request for an invoice.


Due to COVID-19 there is no face to face training available at the moment. Let me know if this is your preferred training. I can add you to my waiting list. 

You can request online training. Email me to request something specific for your organisation or region or city. cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au

More information on Easy English training

More information about Communication and Interaction workshops for people with little or no speech.

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Women with Disability Australia


27 fact sheets in Easy English built into their new website https://ourplace.wwda.org.au. Staff attended 2 day Easy English training. They were supported to further develop their Easy English content for their website.

See all the Easy English fact sheets here  https://ourplace.wwda.org.au/translations

There are Easy to Read webpages. Look for the Easy English fact sheets throughout their website too.

So much great information.

3 fact sheets on Child Protection  http://bit.ly/38qCbIU

4 fact sheets on Human Rights  http://bit.ly/38v4zJR  includes a fact sheet explaining the UNCRPD and UNCEDAW

Many facts sheets on

  • Safer Sex and Rights about Sex
  • Work Rights
  • Health Rights

Scroll down further at this link https://ourplace.wwda.org.au/translations

Find 5 key Fact sheets in Easy English

  • translated into 10 community languages
  • 1 Aboriginal language
  • vidoes
  • Auslan.


        More Facts!

Federal Government Preferred    Provider Status

We have Federal Government   Preferred Provider Status for

    • development of documents into    Easy English

    • Easy English training.

Email cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au to

    • request a quote

    • find out more.

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Email: cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au


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          Phone: 0466 579 855

Senate Appearance

Cathy was invited to appear at the Australian Government Senate  Community Affairs References committee CentreLink public hearing on Thursday 27 April 2017. This followed her submission to the Senate enquiry, earlier in the month.

Submission 116     Senate Report    Chap 6 Conclusion; Recommendation 9      Government Response

Journal Publications from Access Easy English

Basterfield (2019) Plain Language, Easy English. What does it all mean? Intellectual Disability Australasia Issue 40, June pp 15-18

Basterfield (2018) Access to written information: a social equity, social justice issue. Clarity. 78 pp 18 – 22

Email cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au to request a copy.

2020 Conference Presentations

Universal Design  Conference May, 2020. Melbourne, Australia

Basterfield, C. Easy English: A critical addition to Universal Design for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.

Conference cancelled. New dates Oct 2020

Speech Pathology Australia May, 2020. Darwin, Australia Conference cancelled

Basterfield, C. Functional literacy and legal literacy: Access for all. (Paper)

Basterfield, C. Collaborative international partnerships. Easy English and Easy Read: What do we know? (Poster)

Klaara Easy to Read Conference August/September 2020. Switzerland.

Basterfield,C. Images

Basterfield, C. What’s in a name? Persecptioves on Easy English and Easy Read.

Cancelled til Augsut 30/31 2021.